INTRODUCTION: specialists through experience.

Strong through the experience gained since 1975, in the pressing of plastics, acrylics and metals, the company has been established for a number of years in the construction sector as a producer and installer of skylights. These supplied with manual or electric opening mechanisms and smoke and heat extractors, all to specification and EN 12101-2 compliant.

The production of the square, rectangular, circular and modular skylights is by thermoforming of acrylic sheets of the highest quality. The sheets are formed in moulds heated by a constant circulation of hot air, allowing optimum heating for their thermoformation.
The special presses for the correct dimensions and shapes of all our skylights are custom made in our mechanical workshops.

GAM Lucernari is available to technical studios and construction companies for their every need with regards to overhead illumination and ventilation from above. Furthermore the company is able to provide (thanks to our pressing department) any skylight with dimensions and shape not in this catalogue.

GAM Polycarbonate Division

The company stands tall in the overhead illumination sector with a new range of thermoformed alveolar polycarbonate(PC) skylights characterised by a maximum impact resistance (eg. Hail), resistance to atmospheric factors, Class 1 fire resistance and high load bearing capability.

The range of production includes: single-piece square or rectangular domes and modular low profile rounded skylights, manual and electric opening mechanisms, heat and smoke extractors to UNI 9494/EN 12101-2 norms.
The quality system is UNI EN ISO certified